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Desenzano del Garda is a lively town of about 27,000 inhabitants located on the south-west of Lake Garda. In the middle of a wide bay bordered to the west by Mount Corno and east by the peninsula of Sirmione, is in a privileged geographical position from which you can admire the most beautiful lake in Europe in its maximum extension.
The name derives from the Latin name of Desenzano Decentius person, the owner of the farm and the house of the fourth century that today you can visit the excavations. The town assumed its present name in 1926 when, as part of the reorganization of local government, was suppressed the ancient City of Rivoltella sul Garda (made independently at least the thirteenth century) and the territory of that he was attached to its neighboring village of Desenzano The lake railway line Paris - Bern - Milan - Venice - Zagreb, courier service extended to the Veneto and Trentino, the regular shipping lines on the entire lake, the highway (Autostrada A4 "Serenissima") and the proximity of the Montichiari and Verona airports make a node of such importance that Desenzano can rightly claim to be considered the "capital of the Garda." Desenzano, then, is a place that offers the possibility of an intelligent tourism, which is proposed to combine rest and enjoy a stimulating research landscapes and fascinating historical and environmental memories. Added to this is the proximity of cities rich in artistic masterpieces such as Verona, Mantua and Brescia.
Immediately south of Desenzano lies the largest moraine of Italy, which lends itself to relaxing and healthy walks in the hills in search of picturesque villages. So in Desenzano, in addition to rest and enjoy the comforts of a modern city with a beautiful historic city center to traffic, you can plan day trips to vary their stay. In less than an hour you can reach Monte Baldo (2,000 meters), passing so quickly from Mediterranean to Alpine flora.
Sports enthusiasts can enjoy windsurfing, mountain biking, hang-gliding, skiing. For the young and the restless there are clubs and piano bar, while older people can walk along the lake or under the arcades of the central Piazza Malvezzi. In winter the climate is temperate and without fog and in the summer there is always the rest of the breeze coming from the lake.


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